Why Augmented Reality?

We wanted a tool that would give us the ability to tell stories, display information and engage our viewers in a new way. Augmented reality was the perfect fit for this, as it gives us the freedom to build and create nearly anything imaginable, at any scale or position, without worrying about the constraints of physical construction.

Using augmented reality, we are able to bring demonstrations and analysis to life in a way that wasn’t previously possible, in a way that is simple and easy for the view to digest.

Because this technology was new to our space, my role in this project covered an extremely wide gamut. 
As the lead designer on this project, I lead our team in testing and exploring the capabilities of the system and software as well as working with our production clients to design workflow UX & Operation UI.
I created and executed concepts from pen sketch to fully animated 3D graphics on air, and then setup and build templates for our other designers and production team to operate. 
It was my role to personally collaborate with our clients, the producers and directors, and even to operate the system live for Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts on occasion.  

All of this was done on a bi or tri weekly basis, operating under extremely tight deadlines. So many of these concepts needed to go from sketch to air within a days or in some cases, hours. Very Cool technology, great workout of many different design disciplines, and a great learning experience!

Creative Director: Chris Krasek

Creative Director: Chris Nasso

Art Director: Jamie Hodgson

Lead Motion & AR Designer: Lawrence Libby

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